5 Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings for Property Owners in Atlanta

Feb 23, 2023 | Atlanta, Blog, Commercial Roofing, Roof Coating

Owning a business takes a great deal of work and dedication. If you have a building you work out of, upkeep on the building can be another important line item on your yearly to-do list in keeping your property in tip-top shape. There is much to consider when owning a commercial property! Perhaps you own an apartment complex or assisted living facility and must ensure the safety of the building for your residents. Perhaps you own a shopping center or warehouse. The stores inside depend on you for helping to keep their products safe. The pressure can be great when owning a commercial property. 

One thing to consider is the quality of your roofing system. The roof keeps out the weather elements, ensures quality air temperature indoors, and can also assist with lowering monthly energy bills. There are many benefits to roof coating the surface of the building. Here are some things to consider.

commercial roof coating, commercial roofing, Atlanta

Are you sure you know what a roof coating is? It is a polymer-based liquid compound that is either rolled or sprayed directly onto the existing roof. It completely covers the area providing a waterproof layer of protection between the roof and the elements. 

Extends to Roof’s Lifespan

The cost of replacing a roof on a commercial property can be quite expensive, considering the size of the building. By applying a roof coating, the longevity of the current roof can be extended. This protective barrier can be quite helpful when it comes to excessive rain and hail. This coating also assists with sealing any damaged holes or cracks that could increase over time if not properly addressed. (Roof Tips to make it last)

Protection Against Leaks

As noted above, the sealant can fill in any gaps, holes, or damaged areas before more complications can occur. This liquid compound can seep into the deepest of crevices, sealing them up and strengthening the bond. Unfortunately, if the damaged area has become too large, there could be other issues that need to be addressed. It is best to have a free inspection done to determine the condition of your commercial roof. 

Energy Savings

A strong solid surface on a roof can help hold the temperatures of the building. The need for more air conditioning to keep it cool can be greatly minimized with the roof acting as a proper barrier against the hot summer UV rays of the sun.  

Environmentally Friendly

When a roof needs to be torn off and a new roof applied, where does all of the old material end up? Unfortunately, many times it will end up in a landfill. Some of the commercial buildings in the Atlanta area are quite large, and the amount of old roofing material could clog up the landfill areas. A roof coating over the existing roof could greatly reduce the amount of waste as well as be easier on the wallet in the long run. 

commercial roof coating, commercial roofing, Atlanta

Ease of Application

Trusting a knowledgeable roofing contractor is wise when it comes to coating your commercial roof. The Piedmont Roofing Company in Atlanta is the company you can trust to secure your roof with ease and safe practices. There is limited noise pollution which will greatly benefit the customers or tenants of your property. And secondly, there are minimal foul odor complications.

When it comes time to coat your commercial property roof, make sure to call The Piedmont Roofing Company in Atlanta. We are proud to have members of our roofing team who have been with us for up to 20 years. We are dedicated to the sole craft of roofing and we are good at what we do! We value family, neighbors, and community. We make sure to schedule free estimates within 24 hours of your call, and we strive for 100% satisfaction guaranteed! (Lean how important is roof coatings)

Call us to see how we can help with your commercial property needs!