Best Summer Roofing Tips For Your Atlanta Home

Aug 8, 2021 | Atlanta, Blog, Roofing

Preparing your roof for the summer season is a vital job that all homeowners need to see to. During the summertime, your roof is subject to prolonged sun exposure, and its UV rays are at an all-time high.

Your roofing system would most likely have taken quite a knock during the winter and spring storm seasons. Therefore, it’s best to equip your roofing system with the best protection to help it cope with the summer months’ environment.


These are some summer roofing tips to help your roof survive the sunny season:


Roof Inspection

The best way to determine how your roof fared against the stormy weather is by hiring a professional Atlanta roofer to inspect it. Your roofer will be able to determine what needs to be repaired, replaced and which components survived the winter.

You might want to take the roof inspection into your own hands; however, there are some things that only a trained roofing professional will be able to pick up.


Remove Debris

Stormy winter weather often brings with it significant debris, which is usually deposited on your rooftop. This debris can clog your gutters, harbor pests as well as place considerable strain on your roofing system. If this debris consists of dried leaves and twigs, you may risk a small fire starting on your roof.

It’s vital to get rid of any debris on your roof so that it not only functions better but looks good too. There’s nothing that deteriorates your curb appeal quite like a filthy roofing system.


Replace Missing Shingles

You may end up losing some roofing shingles to the stormy season. This leaves gaps in your roof, which is not only unsightly but exposes your home to the wind, rain, and sun. The sun’s rays can now dry out your shingles, causing them to curl, crack and break.

Replacing any missing shingles is important to maintaining your roofing and home protection. And what better way to give your home a makeover for the summer season than by installing a new set of shingles.


Roof Coatings

Give your rooftop a whole new look and feel with a high-quality roof coating. Roof coatings protect your roof from the sun’s damaging UV rays; it prevents water from damaging your roofing materials as well as increases its reflectivity rate. Roof coatings are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can paint your roof in just about any color you desire.

For more summer roofing tips, please don’t hesitate to call The Piedmont Roofing Co. in Atlanta.

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