Style Watch: These Are the Most Popular Roof Colors in Atlanta in 2023

Apr 11, 2023 | 2023, Atlanta, Blog, Popular Roof Color Trends, Roof Color Trends

One of the biggest impact details a homeowner can pay attention to is the visual exterior of their home. Curb appeal plays a huge role in a home’s value, identity, and community integration – not to mention a pivotal factor in maintaining the type of ‘welcome home’ comfort that makes an individual feel at ease in their own abode. However, maintaining a beautiful and meaningful exterior goes far beyond painting your house a color that you like. Change, renovation, and renewal of house exteriors are so important to keeping a home feeling fresh and presentable. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a new roof, consider our picks for the most popular roof colors in Atlanta this year!

Best Popular Roof Color in Atlanta

First Considerations

When deciding on a roof color, there are things to consider before making that final decision:

Firstly, what is the architectural style of the exterior? Craftsman homes lean towards dark, moody colors, while modern farmhouses create a high-contrast look with bright white and dark accents. Picking the right colors to highlight architectural features on an exterior can add extra dimension and eye-catching accents.

Next, what is the overall aesthetic? Selecting the best roof color for an exterior can completely transform the overall feeling while giving an instant curb appeal boost. While this may be the hardest part of putting together an exterior color palette, we are here to help! Keep reading to discover popular roof colors homeowners are looking for when building or reroofing their exteriors in 2023.

Warm & Earthy Colors

As homeowners look to add warmth to their everyday living areas, warm, earth tones are becoming highly sought-after roof colors. Warm, earthy roof colors create a cozy and intimate feeling, making the exterior more inviting for guests as they enter the home. These colors have a wide variety, like browns, oranges, reds, and tans, giving homeowners the opportunity to choose a roof color that highlights their overall style and home design.

Light & Airy Cream Colors

Create a light exterior without using a simple white roof color. Cream colors are more subdued while still giving that light and airy feeling to exteriors while adding a hint of color. And like warm, earthy colors mentioned above, these colors add a cozy and welcoming aura to exteriors while making the exterior appear larger. Popular cream roof colors can either be warm or cool-toned, giving homeowners an assortment, they can choose from when designing their homes. The subtle tones allow for pops of colors in accent roof pieces or a fun front door. It’s no surprise these hues are one of the more popular roof colors as they create a timeless exterior that will withstand trends year after year.

Best Roof Color Trends in Atlanta

Lush & Vibrant Green Colors

The last few years have seen a huge surge in green inside homes, which has begun making its way to exteriors, and there’s no sign of the popular trend stopping. The natural hues in green roof colors give the home the feeling of a soothing outdoor sanctuary. They are finding their way into an array of architectural styles, like Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian. Overall, green emits a positive and uplifting vibe, making homeowners feel content as they pull into their driveways after a long, stressful day away.

Dark & Moody Colors

Dark and moody exteriors have become popular in the United States, and we see the trend continuing to grow in 2023. Black, navy, and dark charcoal gray roofs give any exterior a modern edge and provide the perfect backdrop for ways to add additional colors and textures. These dark roof colors can be given an extra dimension by mixing roof styles, like board and batten, shake roof, and horizontal lap roof to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. While the dark roof is mostly found on Craftsman homes, farmhouses, and even resides of traditional style homes are hitting the forefront with the boom in popularity of going dark.

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