Piece of Mind

You Deserve Peace of Mind

We understand that having a roof replaced is a significant investment for a homeowner. You deserve to have peace of mind, knowing that your home and your home’s value will be protected throughout the project and for decades to come.

You deserve a quality experience with your roof project.

This is embedded in everything we do at Piedmont Roofing.

We believe in caring about our neighbors and being excellent at our craft. This led to an intentional “Quality Over Quantity” model. One example is that, at Piedmont Roofing, we do not install more than 3 jobs in a week. This helps ensure we execute the proper planning, provide the proper level of project management, and the crews install at a pace that ensures quality. There are several other ways we intentionally deliver on this model because we aim to be neighbor-minded with every individual job we are given to steward.

Neighbor to Neighbor

Church roofers Atlanta, GA
We value family, neighbors, and craftsmanship. That’s because The Piedmont Roofing Company in Atlanta, Georgia is made up of family, neighbors, and craftsmen. We believe in the value of quality, local work. The Piedmont Roofing Company is not like any other roofing company in two distinct ways that impact your home:

our People & our Focus

Unique to the roofing industry, we have four installation crews on our team who have been alongside us for many years. We have honed our craft by focusing on being the best at shingle roofs and gutter installations. This allows us to focus on quality materials and become expert installers. This means when crews and project managers are at your home, you can rest assured that all the nuances and details of your project are being addressed and will be articulated clearly to you. Our greatest desire is to shake your hand at the end of the project with a smile and have you completely wowed by your experience with Piedmont Roofing. We aim for you to look at your roof and gutter system with delight for decades to come.