Usefulness of Low Slope Roofs in Residential Applications

Nov 15, 2022 | Blog, Roofing

When most people think of a residential roof they think of steep slope roofs with one or more peaks, and generally covered with shingles. Did you know that low-slope or flat roofs are also viable options for residential applications? They even offer a lot of benefits for homeowners who choose to go this route!

What Is a Low-Slope Roof?

A low slope roof is a roof that has little to no slope – usually with a pitch of less than 3:12. The pitch of the roof is defined as the distance the roof travels vertically over a 12 inch horizontal span which means that a low slope roof rises no more than 3 inches vertically for every 12 inches it travels horizontally.

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Common Residential Low-Slope Roofing Applications

Now that you know what a low-slope roof is, you may be wondering how this could be relevant to your home. There are several applications for residential low-slope roofing that are common in Atlanta. 

Sheds and Garages

Sheds, garages, and other storage areas like lean-tos commonly have low-slope roofs installed on them because they require fewer roofing materials and are easier and faster to install. 


Low-slope roofs are a good option for transitional areas of the home which makes them a good choice for covered porch applications.  

Home Additions

Another common application for residential low-slope roofs is home additions. It can be difficult and expensive to match the slope of the existing roof, sometimes even requiring that the entire home be re-roofed. A simple workaround for this is opting for a low-slope roof. This is particularly common for the addition of three and four-season rooms. 

Modern-Style Homes

Low-slope roofing was once a common choice for modern-style homes from an aesthetic standpoint, especially in the 1960s. It remains a popular choice for homeowners looking to achieve that modern feel for their homes. 

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Advantages of Residential Low-Slope Roofs

While they aren’t the most common roofing system for residential applications, low-slope roofs have their role to play and can offer several advantages to homeowners. 


Since budget and financial constraints are at the forefront of most people’s minds when confronting a renovation the most obvious advantage of a low-slope roof is that it’s affordable. Flat roofing materials are typically very inexpensive and installation is fast which cuts down on labor costs. 


Low-slope roofs are very easy to clean and maintain. While they do need to be regularly inspected to ensure they haven’t been damaged and are still watertight, repairs are easy when they’re needed. Flat roofs can even be re-coated instead of replaced which saves money and time!


A low-slope roof can offer extra space to store things like the HVAC system or solar panels that would otherwise take up space in your yard. Additionally, these roofs are commonly converted to rooftop gardens and outdoor living areas. This is a fantastic benefit for homeowners who lack yard space but love to entertain. 

Ease of Installation

Low-slope roofs are very fast and easy to install. This saves you both time and money when you opt for a low-slope roof on your property. 

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