Roof Analysis


The Piedmont Roofing Company is Atlanta’s premier shingle roofing & gutter company. After having been in business for over 20 years installing shingle roofs, we perform the highest level of roof analysis to ensure your home’s needs are met!

Our focus on specializing in one trade, shingle roofing, allows us to perform the highest level of roof analysis.

Our staff are trained and constantly growing their knowledge base on shingle roofing. We don’t split our time between windows or metal roofing.

There’s enough details to master in shingle roofing.

That’s why when you get a free Roof Analysis by Piedmont Roofing, you can count on it being accurate and robust. We leave no detail unaccounted for.

We document our Roof Analysis reports with photos and clear explanations on our findings.

Because of our “Quality Over Quantity” model (watch here), you can ensure you’re getting an honest assessment. If you don’t need a roof replacement and only need a repair, we gladly communicate that. You’re our neighbor. Neighbors look out for each other.

Your roof is too valuable. Get the right assessment the first time with a Free Roof Analysis by Piedmont Roofing.

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Storm damage is an unsettling event for homeowners. Sometimes this damage causes leaks and sometimes it’s hard to know if it will affect your home in the future.

Our professional analysis will give you the information you need to make the best decision for your home.