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Roof Design Consulting Services in Atlanta

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The Piedmont Roofing Company is Atlanta’s premier shingle roofing & gutter company. After having been in business for over 20 years installing shingle roofs, we perform the highest level of roof analysis to ensure your home’s needs are met!

Due to our specialized focus, we’ve developed a lot of institutional knowledge over the years when it comes to Roof Design consultation. We also provide these services during any Complimentary Roof Analysis or Estimate.

Roof Design is an overlooked aspect of the current roofing industry. We have specialists trained to help you think through making the right decisions when it comes to shingle type and color. More than that, we help you think through even more subtle aspects of your roof project that can significantly impact the aesthetic of your roof. There are so many nuances to consider, from drip edge to vent types. As a Shingle-Focused roofing team, we’re uniquely positioned to help you add value to your home.

How We Design a Roof Plan

The roof of the house is not the most immediate feature that we will think about in general. But the fact is the roof of a house matters much to dwellers therein. The roof provides protection and creates a barrier for other systems like in house climate control.

Indeed, the roof of a house is essential as it provides much value ranging from shelter to add to the home’s overall structure. The roofing component is necessary to defend against the rain, the snow, and other elements that may cause inconvenience or harm.

Roofing structures will vary across the board. For instance, one home may have a lower-pitched roof while another may come with the opposite pitch. Those who design these roofs do so methodically and with great patience and diligence. Roof design and roof plans matter as the design is a crucial element of the process.

What does a proper roof design plan look like in excellent house design?

Here is how we design a roof plan.


Start with the Basics

We at Piedmont Roofing will always take a look at the overall house and its structure. Our core guiding principle is to design a roof plan that meshes with the house’s overall style and architecture.

For instance, one house may require a steeply pitched roof with narrow eaves to align with the home’s overall style. Conversely, another home may require medium pitched with more sweeping eaves to align well with the home’s features and structure.

You will find that homes have a broad array of roof configurations that enable roofers to add a bit of creativity to their choices. The roof design types that we may choose from will range from dormer roofs to gable roofs.

You may not see these residential roof designs (slat box, butterfly, and others) in the market frequently due to a lack of overall alignment with architectural styles.

We must always make sure to design the roof plan with form and function. The roof must go well with the house and do a great job of protecting the home from the elements.


Simplicity is Essential

Designing a roof is not complicated when we follow the principles presented above. We will look at the offsets, eaves, plate heights, and angles and work from a building and implementation standpoint.

People within the home building industry will keep it as simple as possible when dealing with roof design. This is so because it provides cost-effective implementation from a labor and material sourcing standpoint. Remember that the more complex the roof design, the more work must go into it that may not have excess value over a cost-effective approach.

The problem with more complex roof design is that it can also create more problems down the road. For instance, if a framer does not make the roofing components right and building it properly, it could lead to more initial costs now and then later down the line if leaks and other issues were to occur. The problem with roofing leaks is that it can damage the roofing structure and the home’s internal components.

The more complex a roof may be, the more likely that framers may halt the project midway. They may take it on to see if they can handle it and then stop midway when they find it overly challenging.

Remember that simplicity is what matters when designing a roof for a residential house. That helps everyone have more peace of mind in the present and over the long-term.


Take it Seriously

We take roofing design seriously because it is about form and function. It serves a purpose and can make the home look fantastic. We will view the overall floor plan and the style of the architecture present within the home.

The right inputs will help create a splendid roof and provide a great view of the home, adding beautification and reliability.

Types of Roof Designs

Here are a few of the types of roof designs that we encounter as we endeavor to implement roofs regularly.

Roofs provide immense value and can do a great deal more than merely giving shelter for its residents. The form of the roof is quite critical in the home’s aesthetic. These crucial housing components can add more living areas and add to your home’s resiliency and sustainability.

Here are the roof architecture and styles you can see over different homes or other structures.


A-Frame Roof

The A-Frame is quite simple to notice. Imagine you are drawing a house; you are not an artist, so you draw a simple A-Frame roof. You draw these simple roofs because these were more common at one point in time.

It is a roof that will extend quite far and make a great deal of the home. These types of roofs are still prevalent in some areas because it is inexpensive.

You will notice that sheds or smaller structures may have this type of roofing structure.


The Bonnet Roof

The bonnet roof will have a pyramid-like structure with a broader base and more elements that resemble a pyramid.

One key defining feature is the extending ledge that is present around the foundation of the roof.


Butterfly Roof

The butterfly roof is fascinating because it has an inverted gable. We can see that it has a V shape that defines it.


The clerestory roof is one that is intriguing to many because it resembles a modern design. You will notice that these roofs will come with an interior wall as a defining feature. The other element is that you will see several windows due to this type of system.

These types of roofs encourage more natural light because of the sloping roofs.


Combination Roofs

The combination roof will have the style of several roofs, and people will opt for these roofs because they want something that is intriguing a tad bit different.

Dome Roof

These dome roofs are not as standard in the United States but are present in other parts of the world. But you will occasionally see these roofs present within the United States for unique official buildings or specifically created homes.


Dormer roofs will have a long window within the roof. You will notice these roofs in urban areas or more densely packed cities. These are present in places like lofts and other similar structures.

Gable Roof

The Gable roof is relatively familiar with its peaked roofs and triangle forms. They come in side gables, cross gables, front gables, dutch gable roofs.

People appreciate these roofs because they can wick away rain and cold snow. Homeowners cherish Gable roofs because they can have a larger attic area and even have vaulted ceilings.

What’s great about these designs is that they are simple and allow for minimal issues while implementing them and later on.

Professionals may not suggest these roof styles for excessively hurricane and high-wind regions.


Hip Roof

You will notice that a hip roof will have an equivalent slope on each of its sides. These slopes align to create a ridge.

You can see these hip roofs come with a simple hip, a cross hip, and half hip style.

People appreciate these hip roofs because of their stability over other roof forms. The way it slopes is why it is overall reliable and useful.

These hip roofs can withstand wind, rain, and excess snow due to their sturdy build. Snow or water will not accumulate and will slide off the roof because of its overall build.

They do cost more to implement because it is a bit more complicated than your average gable roof. The roof will require more building materials and more diligence because of its overall make.

One must be more careful when implementing these roofs because we can see more leaks if one doesn’t implement it well.


Mansard Roof

You will notice that these are also known as French roofs. These roofs consist of a four-sided roof and have a double slope on both sides. Yes, it also does have a low-pitched aspect to it.

You will notice that the lower slope is at a much sharper point than the topmost slope. You will see that the sides can have a flat or curved feature.

They are loved because they can bring about more space to move around in. People use the extra living area as an attic or another room to have.

Another significant component is that Mansard roofs provide for more flexibility for more options. Mansard roofs are also designs that are straightforward in many respects.

Be aware that Mansard roofs can cost a bit more because these roofs require more components and features. But people appreciate the extra space and other characteristics present in Mansard roofs and invest a little more.

You will notice that these Mansard roofs can have straight-angle, convex, or concave designs.


Sawtooth Roof

A sawtooth roof is unique and very distinguished. You will notice that these are parallelly pitched roofs where you will see sloped or vertical structures alternate.

If you look at it, it seems as if it is a saw tooth. The blade-like structure and design are very compelling, and people appreciate this beautiful design.

You will see this present in more modern structures.

People appreciate these roofs’ overall design and embrace the added natural light they can expect in these homes. You can decide if you want vaulted ceilings or if you want another living area within your home.

These roofs also encourage more sustainable living. Of course, these roofs are compelling and will require more initial investment over other roofs. They require much more care and attention to detail during implementation and over long-term maintenance.

There are various other roof designs present within the market that homeowners would look at as well. We are aware of the many designs present in the roofing world and have experience installing and implementing these roofs regularly.

Cost of a Shingle Roof Design

The cost of a roof design will depend on how unique it is and other factors. If the roof design is less impressive, it will likely be less expensive; if it is more unique and not as conventional, you will probably have to spend a premium.

One crucial point here is to realize that a roof design and overall implementation can range from $16,000 to much more depending on the design, materials, and other components present within the project.

The roof is an integral part of the home, and the overall costs of implementation of the roof design will include labor, materials, and any other aspects that might come with the project.

Shingle Roof Designs

The world has a slew of shingle roof designs. Let’s learn about a few of these today. It will be a comprehensive guide that covers the various roof shingles present within the market together.

The style and roof shingle matter because they add a certain sense of value and beauty to the home. Remember that curb appeal is a coveted aspect of any home, and shingle can play a vital role in this process.

Here are the essential elements of your roofing structure and the styles that come with these shingles.

What You Must Know about Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are created out of one material. You will see roofs with many shingles that go together in courses that begin at the lower edge of the roof to act as another layer to repel the elements.

Each roof or shingle will lay on top of each other and will continue like so in such a fashion for a while.

The rain will slowly move down the roof surface, slowly drip into the gutters, and move away from your property.


Why Should you Care about Roof Shingles

Roof shingles serve as a way to add another barrier to defend your home against the elements. They help prevent water from penetrating through your roof and creating mold, leaks, and wood decay.

Shingles also make your home look nice, and that’s a bonus everyone can appreciate.


Be Diligent in Your Shingle Style Choice

Your shingles can have a massive impact on your home’s appearance. Of course, you must make sure to coordinate with other stakeholders, like your homeowner’s association, to see what type of shingle styles you can select.

But even with more demanding and stringent requirements, you can still have a small group of options to choose from for your roofing shingles.


Account for Energy Costs

Did you know that different kinds of roof shingles can have a positive impact on your energy costs? These roof shingles can have a significant impact on your attic spaces and other related surfaces. It is not just the style of the shingle but the color that can also make a valuable difference.

Think about the material type as well when accounting for energy costs.
You seek to reflect heat away from your home with the right type of roofing shingles.

A proper roofer will have comprehensive knowledge of heat transfer properties and its impact on your home. Remember that overall heat absorption matters when choosing your roofing material.



One crucial component is that of longevity. You want your roofs to last for a while. That is why you must pay careful attention to your roofing shingles as it is a component that is present within the roof.

You do not want your roof to deteriorate because of your low-quality shingle choices. Now that we have covered a few of the basics of the roofing shingles let’s take a look at some of the styles present.

Shingle Roofing Types and Styles

Let’s go over a few of these shingle roofing styles. A comprehensive overview of these roofing shingles can add significant value to you while you will figure out what shingles you would like.

Proper knowledge of these shingle roofing styles helps you choose the best shingles that meet your family’s and overall home’s needs.

Let’s start by looking at three-tab shingles.


Three-Tab Shingles

The first one is the three-tab roof shingles. You could also refer to these as asphalt shingles.

These will usually have the most commonly known shingles within the industry.

These shingles are quite popular in North America. You will glance over at houses and most likely see these three-tab shingles. They are rectangular and always look like one shingle.

Are you worried about roof shingle prices? The cost is not a concern with these shingles. That is one of the reasons why they are popular. Another benefit of these shingles is that they are very straightforward, and one can install these shingles without any effort.

You will find that many different shingle colors can add massive value to your home. These shingles work great for those that are cost-conscious.


Dimensional Shingles

These shingles are known as higher quality asphalt shingles. These shingles will come in various colors. These premium asphalt shingles came about before the 1980s and are present in more construction projects across the board.

People appreciate these dimensional shingles because they are more durable, have more visual appeal, and provide more protection to certain elements.

You can find these in several sub-segments, such as classic European roofing styles. That is why you will see these shingles look like other mediums (tile, slate, wood shake).

As you can see, that brings about a wide variety of possibilities with a straightforward roof design. What’s fascinating about these shingle designs is that they create more designs and seek to innovate to provide more options.

These shingles are flexible and fit with many roof designs.


Tile Roof Shingles

A more standard shingle is called Terracotta clay roofing tiles. These tiles are present on older real estate units and houses with southwest style, western, and California mission-style architecture.

Why do people appreciate these roof shingles? First, they are energy efficient and can increase cost savings over other shingle styles. These tiles come in many different styles and colors, giving you more options and choices.

These tiles can also last for over fifty years in most cases. A few manufacturers are confident enough to offer over 6o year warranties as they are confident in the tiles’ durability.


Wood Shingles

People are fans of wood shingles. But why are wood shingles so popular?
One primary reason is that individuals were utilizing wood shingles for quite some time now.

When we mean quite some time, we mean over several hundred years now.

That means that the shingle style has quite a bit of credibility. In this context, it is no surprise that wood shingles are quite popular among homeowners in different areas.

Another critical component that is appealing about wood shingles is that they are sustainable all around. What are other compelling features that you can find with wood shingles?

Insulation value is one critical aspect that matters a great deal to many people as it can provide cost savings. They increase proper insulation when paired with the right construction designs.

There are two kinds of wood roof shingles. The first is the wood roof shingle; the second is the wood shake. The latter is thicker.


Shake Roof Shingles

Shake singles have been present in the roofing industry for several hundreds of years as well.

You would be fascinated to know that cedarwood shakes have been present in the United States since the early days of the United States. These shakes are different from general wood shingles as they appear to be older and increase in nuanced texture.

Another point is that wood shakes have an increase in thickness over wood shingles.

Innovation is present in the wood shake sector, where we can experience more durability, reliability, and more longevity. These units can also preserve color, create more designs that inspire other materials and options.


Slate Roof Shingles

Slate roof shingles came about in 1850. Homeowners appreciate slate roof shingles because they resemble a stone roof that is organic and sustainable. They have fantastic color options that would compel neighbors to look twice at your slate roof shingles.

Slate roof shingles made an appearance on the upper east coast before branching out elsewhere over time. Slate deposits have a wide variety of hues that help bring about quite a few slate roof design options.

These slate roof shingles are effective, sustainable, and even fire-resistant.


Solar Roof Shingle Options

Yes, solar panels have been present for quite a while now, but solar roof shingles have been present in the industry over the last few years. These solar roof shingle tiles came about because of innovations and products that new companies included in the prior decade.

Solar roof shingles didn’t come about from a Silicon Valley company but other past companies. These shingles are made out of photovoltaic cells that look like regular shingles and even defend your house like standard shingles.

They do two jobs. The first job is to convert energy into power, and the other is to defend your home against the elements. Larger firms are bringing about these solar roofing systems.

These solar shingles are not as widely distributed but might see more deployment over the next few years.