Shingle Focus Matters – Reasons 1-4

Jul 8, 2021 | Asphalt Shingle, Blog, Roofing

There are countless reasons “Shingle Focus” matters for your home. Here’s reasons 1 thru 4!

Reason #1: “Narrowed Focus”

We believe choosing a “Shingle-Focused” Roofer makes all the difference in Georgia roofing, so we’re counting down some of the top reasons why this is so important for homeowners. We believe to be the best, you have to narrow your focus. Football coaches focus on football. Steakhouses focus on great steaks. It’s no different in most other things in life.

We’ve intentionally chosen not to provide services in other trades like windows, siding, or even metal roofs. Our aim at Piedmont Roofing is being great at one thing only: installing quality shingle roofs (the kind on your home!). We’re confident you’ll see the difference when you choose a Shingle Focused Roofer. Call Piedmont Roofing today for any roofing questions or services you may need!


Reason #2: “It matters more”

At Piedmont Roofing, this single trade, shingle roofing, just means more to us. We really love what we do as shingle roofers. We enjoy growing as a team every day to learn and pick up on the smallest of details when it comes to shingle roofing. It really is a beautiful thing to see everyone on our team lean in to master this single trade. It means more to us to deliver excellence for every individual job we are given to steward.


Reason #3: “No Surprise Contractor”

As a Shingle-Focused Roofer, Piedmont Roofing aims to be a “No Surprise Contractor”. Due to our narrowed focus on this single trade, we’ve seen so much added benefit for our homeowners to be able to foresee all possible costs on a project. Additional costs in the middle of a project are one of the ways the home services industry can grow a better reputation. We aim to do our part through a very intentional vision of being a “No Surprise Contractor”.


Reason #4: “Spec Compliance”

GAF is the standard in roof manufacturing which is why we proudly install GAF products. GAF’s new Timberline HDZ product is unmatched by the other manufacturers. The GAF Field Guide is the comprehensive document when it comes to installing shingle roofs. It’s nearly 300 pages! As a Shingle-Focused Roofer, Piedmont Roofing has the advantage of staying focused and executing on “Spec Compliance” when it comes to all of the manufacturer specifications from GAF. We believe we’ve proven ourselves to be masters of all the specifications because we’ve narrowed our focus to one trade: shingle focus.


We Aim to Delight

At The Piedmont Roofing Company, our processes and culture is shaped by our vision to delight our customers in their roof project experience. Call Piedmont Roofing today for any roofing questions or services you may need!