Roof Analysis

The Piedmont Roofing Company is distinct in two ways unique to the roofing industry.

When you have the same people on the same team for a long period of time, quality and reliability go up. One roofing business model is to focus on volume which means bringing on new crews regularly. At Piedmont Roofing, we’ve stayed committed to running a small, Quality over Quantity business model. The crews we have stay busy year round and we’re content to do the work at the capacity they can provide. One of the four crews that will be working on your home has been with our company for between 5 and 20 years. We can confidently say this is not the norm in the roofing industry. We’re blessed in this way and we don’t take it for granted. Learn more about why you should always “ask about the crews”.

We’re all about Quality over Quantity. We know that being a shingle roofing company limits the number of jobs we will do each year. We understand some homeowners want to work with a company that can do their siding, windows, and roof all at once. We seek to offer a higher quality option for homeowners that want a team of roofers that specialize in one craft. We believe to be the best at something, you have to narrow your focus. We contend that your roof is far too important to the value and protection of your home for anything less than a specialized shingle roofer. Beyond our crews, our entire team is focused exclusively on shingle roofing. The value of this can’t be overstated. Having a salesperson focusing on one craft means accurate scope of work and pricing. Having a project management staff dedicated to shingle roofing ensures every custom aspect of your project is considered and executed in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Contact us today and more about why a shingle-focused roofer translates to the highest quality roof install.